Prosper Within Your Soul: What You Don’t Know About Wellness in the Soul Can Cost You Everything!


After 9 months of blood, sweat, tears, trials, tribulations, attacks, discouragements, and intimidations I have officially launched my 90-day program for helping fellow believers progress through past pain, heal mentally and emotionally, and restore life and wellness within their soul.  

I am amazed, grateful, and feel honored to be called into the “healing business” and to function in my true identity and calling as an inner wellness specialist, restorer, and healing breakthrough facilitator!

I spent hours trying to figure out how to break down and package something that could be shared and radically impact the lives of others.  I decided to begin with the soul.  

This might seem strange.  The actual word, soul, is used in so many different ways and largely misunderstood and overlooked. 

The truth is, a majority of problems and issues that exist, whether they are mental, emotional, physical, relational, or even financial are rooted in the...

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Release Emotional Pain and Renew Wellness Within: Here Are The Techniques I Use

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2019

Hi there!  I hope Thanksgiving was a special time for all. 

My family of 6 celebrated with just ourselves this year.   My extended family, as well as my husbands,  are all far away and out of state.  I always feel a bit sad to be away from my parents and sister on Thanksgiving, but we ended up having a really special time, just the six of us.  We spent two days cooking and the girls learned how to make homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, and how to cook a turkey.  We also had Malmsten Girl’s pie-making school and I was intending to spend an afternoon teaching them how to make a pie from scratch.  However, it ended up that all their friends were over and my whole house was full of teenagers who also wanted to learn how to make a pie. 

So, we had so much fun in the kitchen with music blaring, girls dancing and made some epic pies.  I think I will make this a new tradition for sure.  It was a hit with my kids and with their...

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Long Life Part 4 - Stress Management


Ugg, after a long weekend out of town, then an all day surf contest on Sunday , followed by a dinner party that went later than expected, I have spent all morning sorting through and getting on top of all the hospital bills that have come in from my daughter’s emergency episode last month.  

This was the last thing I wanted to spend my time doing.  I would have much rather starting writing this blog piece earlier but,  "it is what it is."  I am trying not to get anxious or stressed about all the high bills and to just ride it out, but gosh darn it…hospital bills are no fun! 

What I really want to do…

Is dive into part 4 of my blog series on Long Life.  I love discussing this and believe it is so important to take action to care for ourselves and tend to our wellness so we can live the longest, fullest, most impactful lives possible!  So here we go….

Long Life Factor #4 - reducing stress

It is true that numerous...

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Long Life Part 3 - High Frequency and Lifespan

Happy Monday!  I hope all is well and that you are ready for more important info on increasing your overall health and wellbeing so that you can live a long full life!

I am so eager to share the 3rd contributor to longer life so that you can start right now and take a few simple steps to increase your wellbeing and impact your life span.

In order to understand what I am about to share, you need to know some basics about health and wellness.

Most people think that health is when there is no sickness, disease, disorder, pain or problem.  Well, these things are actually signs and symptoms of health or ill-health.  

Health and wellness are actually determined by something else.  

Mental and physical health are actually determined by the resonate frequency within your body, specifically at the cellular level. The main system in the body that regulates order, balance, and health is your energy system.  

In a nutshell, 

all matter on this planet is made of...

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Long Life Part 2

Hello, and happy Monday!  I had such a fun weekend and had the privilege of hosting a dinner for my two teenage daughter's homecoming dance.  We had about 18 teenagers and parents at our house for dinner, got to walk to the beach for photos, and then I drove 13 of the kids in my big sprinter van.  It was such an enjoyable event and so fun to listen to the kids singing to the loud music they had blasting in my van, as we pulled up to the front of the dance.  

I absolutely love, love, this season with my kids a little older.  Raising teenagers is not always easy, but I am enjoying this phase of life with them and it is so enjoyable to be a parent to them and to their friends as well.  I am choosing to have a good attitude and to be present in every moment.

Today, I am continuing my series on life span and the contributing factors to a longer or shorter life.  

Our life is our responsibility and there are things that we choose every day that can...

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Long Life

Hello and happy Monday to everyone! 

 I usually dread Mondays and resist jumping back into the business and complexity of my work and family life with 4 daughters.  However, today was different.  My eyes popped open at 6:00 a.m. and I couldn’t wait to get out of bed and get the day started.  I do not have any other explanation for this sudden excitement for Mondays, except that I have so much on my heart and mind that I can’t wait to share.  And, the reason I am so excited to share is that I know it is actually on God’s heart and mind and He is also excited for me to share.  

Yesterday I was sitting on the beach ALL DAY!

I was there for my daughter’s surf contest.  I know it sounds amazing, right?  It is pretty amazing when I think about it.  I could be on a soccer field somewhere, at a tennis court, or any other kid activity place.  However, I get to be at the beach in the most gorgeous setting. ...

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What Could Be Better Than Happiness?

          What Could Be Better Than Happiness?


There are “power substances” that fully supply us with everything we need for life.  These substances are so valuable and powerful and they transform us into modern-day superheroes.  A superhero laughs in the face of danger, fears nothing,  and is ready to face and confront any situation.  

I believe that we have so much more power than we realize and I believe the enemy does everything possible to keep us from realizing it. 


I am excited to share the 4th and final power substance!

4.  Joy - it is much deeper and richer than happiness.  Joy is a state of being in which you have all of the above …fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment, faith, hope, and a sense of wellbeing regardless of earthly situations and circumstances.  It is possible to live with a perpetual state of joy because joy is eternal, everlasting, stronger and more real than...

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What You Don't Know About Happiness Can Cost You Everything!

I am so excited to share that I just held a live workshop this past Saturday as a pre-launch for my new curriculum called Transformed, Healed, and Free.  I was planning on spending all last week doing the last bit of preparation to make sure everything was organized and ready to be presented smoothly and effectively.  

However, so many intrusions, interruptions, and interferences happened and my week leading up to my workshop went nothing like I planned.  

I was planning to continue my blog last Monday and to share the next substances that are greater than happiness,  but my week went haywire. 

To name a few situations ... my daughter was in the hospital and I spent several days driving to and from Dr's appointments, as well as mental and emotional stress from being concerned for her.

One of my current clients also had a crisis and needed emergency help.

Also, every kind of technical difficulty that can happen pretty much happened the day before my...

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Superior Substances to Happiness

I hear it all the time, " I just want to be happy,"


" I am doing this because it t makes me happy."  

We all make life decisions that are based on this concept of trying to stay happy.  It is human nature to chase this and want to stay there.  

There is one little problem.  

If we are seeking happiness yet avoiding discomfort, difficulty, or pain at all costs,  you may have momentary feelings of happiness that come and go but you would also end up feeling empty and unfulfilled and living a somewhat shallow life.

If you do not believe me, think about the concept of giving birth.  Everyone knows that the birthing process is difficult and painful.  Every woman knows this yet they willingly accept the process of giving birth because they know that it will result in something meaningful and that it is worth going through.  To bring forth another life is so miraculous and fulfilling and it leads to life satisfaction in the long...

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 What is Happiness Anyway?

Happiness is a state of being.  It is a state that every human being seeks.  

Happiness is an emotion that we have when we feel good and our life experiences are good.

It is normal to try to orchestrate our lives around keeping a sense of happiness at all times.

No one enjoys feeling unhappy and no one would willingly let go of their happiness.

This all sounds good, right? 

The desire to be happy is what drives most of our thinking, our actions, and behaviors  Shouldn’t this be the driving force of our lives? 

Does revolving our life around happiness really improve our lives, help us to grow, or cause us to feel more content?

Let’s Consider This:

Happiness is the good feeling we have when we get something good that we like or want or when our circumstances are pleasant.  Good experiences and good circumstances are wonderful gifts and give us the necessary boosts in our journey of life.  But let me ask you...

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