Release Emotional Pain and Renew Wellness Within: Here Are The Techniques I Use

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2019

Hi there!  I hope Thanksgiving was a special time for all. 

My family of 6 celebrated with just ourselves this year.   My extended family, as well as my husbands,  are all far away and out of state.  I always feel a bit sad to be away from my parents and sister on Thanksgiving, but we ended up having a really special time, just the six of us.  We spent two days cooking and the girls learned how to make homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, and how to cook a turkey.  We also had Malmsten Girl’s pie-making school and I was intending to spend an afternoon teaching them how to make a pie from scratch.  However, it ended up that all their friends were over and my whole house was full of teenagers who also wanted to learn how to make a pie. 

So, we had so much fun in the kitchen with music blaring, girls dancing and made some epic pies.  I think I will make this a new tradition for sure.  It was a hit with my kids and with their friends - both boys and girls included.

I really wanted to take some time to share in more detail about the alternative healing techniques that I use with my clients.  My clientele is mostly Christians but I also meet one one one with people, regardless of their faith because my methods work for anyone.  My simple transformational healing methods are based on quantum physics in the body and utilize specific mechanisms that God designed within every human.

 It turns out...

that every thought and emotion that you have on the inside, has its own frequency pattern and that frequency pattern resonates as an energetic current throughout your body.  Not only does your mental and emotional energy resonate inside of you, but it also radiates out of you in your biofield.  

That’s right,

everything you think and feel radiates from you in an electromagnetic field that can extend up to 12 feet around you. I am not making this up, either.  This is scientific and there are advanced machines that can see it, observe, and study it.

That is why, when you are around an angry person, you can feel it.  It’s because they are literally emitting anger.  

It is important to identify any negative frequency patterns that may be circulating on the inside because they can cause mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical harm if carried long term,

This is the easy part...

I use muscle testing to identify underlying negative energetic patterns and to determine if they are coming from a mental, emotional, generational, or spiritual source.  The muscle test is the quickest and easiest way to get valuable information from the body’s energy system.  Any form of negativity that is resonating inside you will show up in the muscle test.  Because the body’s energetic patterns change as you respond to true or false statements it will be evident through the muscle test what you are resonating with internally.  If you say something that is true, congruent on the inside, your muscles will be strong.  If you say something that is not true for you, the energetic pattern will change and the muscles will weaken.  We are literally human lie detectors and this mechanism in the body works for everyone.  

This may seem strange but it really is quite simple.  Our bodies cannot lie and hold information about what is happening inside.  Your body was created to produce a symptom if something is wrong.  The yes or no questions I ask during the muscle test will produce a "negative symptom" when I identify something underlying that is negatively resonating and is true for you. The way God designed us with built-in check engine lights and mechanisms for detecting underlying problems is truly remarkable and advanced technology in physics has allowed us to understand how wonderfully we are made.

The good news is...

I can do the muscle test from a distance.  You do not need to be present with me to get accurate results from this test.  I have been trained and certified to perform this muscle test.  It is a form of Kinesiology and has been around since the 70's.  In the last 10 yrs advanced technology has allowed more scientific observation and study in this field and now there is enough scientific evidence to validate its accuracy.

So, how do I do it?

I use my own muscles (finger modalities) to do the testing, and I test myself for you.  While we are talking on the phone.  Just as energy (like radio waves) can travel over distances, so can thought and emotional frequencies. This allows muscle testing to be done for people who may be thousands of miles away. This is possible because of the way quantum physics works within the body and between two people even though they are separated by distance.

After identifying the negative frequency patterns and their underlying causes I use a bioenergetic release technique to release it and reset the nervous system. 

This is so easy to do...

and has the most profound effects.  When the negative emotions, beliefs, traumas, or images are ready to be released, all I do is pass a magnet over the main pathway where the emotional energy has been traveling back and forth from the nervous system to the brain.  It takes only a few seconds and the circuits that have been conducting the negative frequency patterns can then be reset and new healthy patterns can be established.  If I am doing this over the phone with someone, I simply teach them how to do it on themselves.  it is so easy and takes only a few minutes.

Releasing harmful mental and emotional energy makes the atmosphere in your mind and body ideal for reprogramming thought patterns and healing.  The body will heal itself when the internal emotional stress is removed.  Mental and emotional difficulties can be totally eliminated or they become much easier to manage.

After internal stress is released I use a combination of God's help, prayer,  inner healing strategies, and reprogramming steps to facilitate a body, soul, and spirit transformation and restore inner wellness.

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