So What Does it Mean to Prosper Within?

If inner prosperity made a significant difference in your life's path and life experiences, would you want to know?

I am so excited to share one of the most valuable keys to life that shifts the environment on the inside of you and influences your actions, behaviors, and life experiences on the outside of you.

What Does it Mean to Prosper?

Most people think prosperity is associated with financial success and accomplishment.  However, that is one small aspect of prosperity.  Prosperity manifests in many different forms and wealth is certainly one of them.  But even this form of prosperity stems from something very important that is often overlooked or neglected. 

Let me explain:

To prosper actually means to do well, to flourish, to thrive, to advance, to progress, to increase, to produce, and to bear fruit. 

Wow, who doesn’t want to be on a path of life that is prospering?  

The good news is that everyone has a desire deep down to prosper because we were designed and hard-wired to prosper.  Every human being was created to be a unique expression of the image of God, on the earth.  By definition, God is always prospering, and therefore, if we are accurate representations of Him on this earth, then prosperity must be emanating from us.  The main issue with this concept is that you can only emanate what you have on the inside.  It is impossible to manifest or produce something outwardly that you do not have or carry on the inside.  

You See… In order to prosper in life, you must have prosperity within.

True prosperity originates within.  An internal atmosphere of wellness, thriving, flourishing, etc… impacts thoughts, mindsets, actions, behaviors, and flows out and manifests in external circumstances.

We have a God-given responsibility to tend, nurture, guard, and steward our internal state.  God has given us the strategies and guidelines for this in His word.  So,  it is up to us to manage what we allow to occupy space in our souls, to take care of our bodies, and to keep our spirit’s activated and functioning fully.


Believe this or not, God does not do this for us.  We have a mind, a will, emotions, beliefs, gifts, strengths, and aptitudes that we are in charge of managing and using in a positive way or a negative way.  The choice is ours.  Yes, it is our choice!  God does not use us as His robots.  He has clearly communicated His intentions and we even have His law written on our hearts, as well as the Holy Spirit indwelling and empowering us to live an abundant life.  But, ultimately, we are in charge of our own internal atmosphere.

Would you like to have a thriving, flourishing, advancing, increasing, fruit-bearing internal atmosphere that is functioning in wholeness and wellness?   Then it is time to invest in your inner prosperity!

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