A Time of Transition

 Are you in a season of transition?  (God is moving you from one season to the next?)


Is the Holy Spirit highlighting an area that needs to change?


Change can be very difficult and most people don’t like the process of change. Our human nature is to stay comfortable and to maintain a sense of control.  When change happens we experience a major disruption

and nothing feels comfortable or in control.

A shifting season is very challenging to our minds and emotions and can be a very unpleasant experience.  However, change can be a really good thing, depending on your response to the changing process.


What is the best response for an optimal outcome?

The ideal response - is to be accepting of the change and embrace it, which always leads to positive growth and forward progress.  

The negative response - is to fight against change, to be unaccepting of the process of change, and to reject it. This negative response ultimately produces fear, frustration, and stops positive growth and forward progression.


Do you really want to stay stuck in a rut?

Hey, if things are changing and shifting for you personally or if it’s time for a necessary change, you might as well accept it and embrace it.  This mindset will only produce positive results. Who doesn’t want to experience personal growth and positive forward progress? 



The blood moon, wolf moon, lunar eclipse that recently took place - I believe this signified a shift upon our nation.  I am alert and ready for God's movement in these days!


My recent inconvenient life change

I personally just went through an annoying and inconvenient, yet glorious life change.  Our family home we had been renting just sold unexpectedly, without even being on the market.  My family was not expecting to have to move in the middle of the school year and it was quite a shock to suddenly uproot all six of us and scramble to find a new place to live. We were forced to make a quick decision and just get somewhere else fast.  Fortunately, my family has gotten quite used to change and adapting to new situations. We uprooted and changed our entire life when we relocated from Colorado to California ten years ago. We experienced many subtle changes and shifts along the way as we underwent the process of starting everything over; new friends, schools, business, church, activities, and just getting settled and established in a new city.

 So, we moved to the new a few months ago. It was pouring rain the entire weekend of our move and myself, my husband, and one of our daughters were all extremely sick. It was a brutal set of circumstances but we persevered through, knowing that our life, by design, is working out for our good.

So, where did we go?

I have to say, the house that we found, far exceeds what we could have asked for or imagined. A wonderful home perfectly timed for our transition came up that perfectly fits our family, our lifestyle, and our taste.  We got one of the best locations we could have asked for, one street off from our favorite beach where our kids can just walk out our front door and surf in one of their favorite spots.

Are you kidding me?

We had no idea that this sudden interruption, completely unexpected and totally inconvenient, would be the catalyst for our upgrade. From God’s perspective, change is always for our good and produces increase and upgrades us further into our calling and destiny.


I personally love change and get excited when I sense a change coming.  To me, this is my God moving me forward on my path and making necessary adjustments for ideal positioning and placement for my future.  

Do you want a life of adventure?

I would personally much rather live a life of adventure, discovery, accomplishments, and forward motion than a dull and monotonous life that was stagnant and never growing or changing.


One of my greatest desires is to help as many people as I can shift from just surviving to thriving.  I ultimately want everyone who is looking and hoping for answers, strategies, and solutions to their problems, to have the opportunity to get healed and live well.


Your Breakthrough is Necessary!

Your breakthrough opens the door for enormous amounts of other people to come through where you have just walked;    Making you a secret weapon and a powerful world impactor and influencer. This my friend, is what makes a world changer!

If you are wanting to be a world changer and a Kingdom impactor,  it starts with a change on the inside of you. 


When a significant positive change is evident in one person’s life, others are inspired and encouraged to also make necessary shifts and changes.  Positive individual changes and shifts produce better families, communities, cities, nations, and ultimately a better world.


I have learned a lot about myself through my seasons of transition and change.  One trait that I have discovered is that I am a change agent and love to exhort others through transition and change.  

For me, this means that I also clear paths for others and help them develop clarity and vision for where they are headed.


If you are in a season of change or transition, or you are feeling like it is time for a positive change in your life and you are ready to transition out of old obsolete patterns and into new modes of abundance, thriving and living well, I want to make you an offer.

My Special Offer:  Access to my Total Transformation package - Transformed, Healed, and Free curriculum with private one on one weekly coaching  

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I am so excited to share a free 50 min Prosper Within consult, to give you a sneak peek into my program, to experience it for yourself, and to get an idea if the program would work for you.


This is a No Risk, free strategy call with no obligations and no pressure to commit.  Simply click here to schedule your free consult and initiate healing, positive change, breakthrough, and transformation from the inside out.

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