Long Life Part 2

Hello, and happy Monday!  I had such a fun weekend and had the privilege of hosting a dinner for my two teenage daughter's homecoming dance.  We had about 18 teenagers and parents at our house for dinner, got to walk to the beach for photos, and then I drove 13 of the kids in my big sprinter van.  It was such an enjoyable event and so fun to listen to the kids singing to the loud music they had blasting in my van, as we pulled up to the front of the dance.  

I absolutely love, love, this season with my kids a little older.  Raising teenagers is not always easy, but I am enjoying this phase of life with them and it is so enjoyable to be a parent to them and to their friends as well.  I am choosing to have a good attitude and to be present in every moment.

Today, I am continuing my series on life span and the contributing factors to a longer or shorter life.  

Our life is our responsibility and there are things that we choose every day that can extend or shorten our lifespan.  Almost everyone knows these days that nutrition, diet, and exercise are important for a healthy long life.  However, there are other contributing factors that are equally important that few people know about.

I mentioned last week that scientists have discovered that trauma has an affect on life span because of the cellular damage that it causes.  Well, along with this scientific discovery, scientists have discovered that there is another way the cellular damage can occur, and you won’t believe what it is.

Long Life Factor #2 - Attitude

Scientists have studied the effects of a person’s attitude, specifically about aging,  and found that it can lengthen or shorten life.  

This is No Joke!

It turns out that your attitude about aging plays a part in the health of your cells.  Studies have shown that individuals with a positive attitude about their age and about aging in general, have less cellular fraying (damage) than those with a negative attitude about aging.  

On the flip side, individuals with a negative attitude about their age or about aging, are found to have shorter telomeres.  Telomeres are essential parts of human cells and function as a cap at the end of each DNA strand.

Short telomeres are connected to premature cellular aging.  Telomeres have nothing to do with chronological age, but determine the age of cells.  

Most people know and understand that a positive attitude is good.  A Positive attitude produces positive thoughts, positive emotions, and positive responses.


It has only recently been scientifically verified!  There is so much advanced technology now that can allow scientists to observe and study the body’s responses to negative and positive thoughts and emotions.  

 Attitude - a settled way of thinking about someone or something

The body’s nervous system receives electrical signals from your thoughts and emotions as to how to respond.  A negative thought or emotion gives a signal to the nervous system that there is a threat or danger and the body goes into a stress response.  

I believe that any negative attitude toward anything causes internal stress and can affect health at many levels.

However, the fact that there have been studies and evidence that attitude affects the aging process, is great news!


Why is This Great News?

This is great news because anyone can start immediately improving their cellular health and increase their life span!

With One Easy and Free Step!

I have recently made a point to do this for myself.  But, all you have to do is change your attitude about your age, and about aging.  This is so easy and simple, and it only takes intentionality.

Even if cellular damage has already occurred, and telomeres have already shortened, cells are able to repair themselves and even reverse their shortening when given the right environment.

Isn’t That Something!

Our internal environment can be influenced by our own attitude.  We can all change this right now, if we decide we want to be healthier, slow down the aging process, and live longer.

So, What to Do?

All you have to do to change your attitude is change what you think, feel, and expect in regard to aging.  


  • Shift thoughts about your age from negative to positive - start thinking about the good things about your age and about getting older.  


  • Shift your emotions from negative to positive- allow yourself to appreciate and accept your age. Be honoring of where you are in life, how you got to where you are, and the wisdom, life experience, and the positive influence you can have on others because you have been where they are and have a greater level of understanding and insight.  Maybe you can help someone else and make things a little easier for them than it was for you.


  • Shift your expectation from negative to positive - Expect to enjoy reaching new seasons of life and expect a positive future.  No one’s life is perfect but there is always a lot of good mixed in with difficulty and hardship.  Expect the good to out-way the bad.


Job 12:12 -“Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?

Psalm 92: 14 - “They will bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.”

104 Years Young!

I once listened to a man on a Christian radio station.  As he was introduced, the talk show host announced that this particular man was 104  years young and that he never ever referred to himself as “years old.” Almost his whole adult life, when asked how old he was, he had always responded with, “I am                years young.  This man had such a good attitude about his age and had aged remarkably well.  He had no serious health issues, acted like a man who was 75ish.  I don’t know about you, but this man exemplified someone with a good attitude about his age.  He would not even allow himself to think of himself as old, or to allow someone to say the word, “old.”  

Ha Ha! 

Even though his chronological age was 104, his cellular age must have been much younger.

The proof was in the pudding on this one.  The main thing that this man had done differently than anyone else, was that he had refused an “old age” mentality or mindset.  It had definitely made a difference.  

I have started to shift my own attitude about my age and aging and want to encourage you to join me in this attitude adjustment.

Every time I see wrinkle, or a brown spot on my face, which have both bothered me for a while, I am going to appreciate the amazing years I have had being outdoors, in Colorado and now in California, and the amazing times I have had with my kids out surfing in the ocean and living an active lifestyle that I love.  I am choosing to accept and embrace my age and think of myself as only improving and getting better. 

After all, everything gets better with age!

Join me next week as I continue this series on life span and longevity


Be Well, Live Well,


Holly Malmsten






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