Prosper Within Your Soul: What You Don’t Know About Wellness in the Soul Can Cost You Everything!


After 9 months of blood, sweat, tears, trials, tribulations, attacks, discouragements, and intimidations I have officially launched my 90-day program for helping fellow believers progress through past pain, heal mentally and emotionally, and restore life and wellness within their soul.  

I am amazed, grateful, and feel honored to be called into the “healing business” and to function in my true identity and calling as an inner wellness specialist, restorer, and healing breakthrough facilitator!

I spent hours trying to figure out how to break down and package something that could be shared and radically impact the lives of others.  I decided to begin with the soul.  

This might seem strange.  The actual word, soul, is used in so many different ways and largely misunderstood and overlooked. 

The truth is, a majority of problems and issues that exist, whether they are mental, emotional, physical, relational, or even financial are rooted in the human soul.

So, what exactly is the soul?

That is a great question and one that I would love to answer.

The soul, is a distinct part of every human being.  It is an immaterial part designed and created by Almighty God that is contained by the human body, and is separate from the human spirit.

The soul consists of the mind, will, and emotions.

The soul drives our thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors.  

The soul receives, and conducts the truths and realities of our spirit and is responsible for transmitting and releasing them in our physical bodies so that spiritual truths and realities become our physical realities.


So, What is the problem that causes problems?

The problem is that most people operate primarily from their soul, (mind, will, and emotions) which determines your actions, behaviors, and how you experience life.

If you do not believe me, think about the main frustrations in your life right now.  You know what they are because you notice yourself getting frustrated with the same thing over and over, whenever you are triggered in a certain area.  You get frustrated right away, subconsciously, before you even realize it or have a chance to stop it.  



Because your soul is governing yourself and you have past experiences where you felt frustrated about something.  The source of the frustration was ignored or never processed or resolved and now every time you experience anything remotely similar, that frustration is triggered again and you react to the circumstance with anger, irritation, blame, discouragement, disillusionment, defensiveness, etc..


You Don’t want to miss this…

It has been scientifically proven that every thought, emotion, image or belief that you have produces a physical energetic frequency pattern.   This is so real and can be studied and observed by science.  Frequency patterns exist at the source of all matter.  Every human being contains subtle energetic frequency patterns within their bodies.  


Frequency patterns that are high and strong, produce health and wellness and everything flows freely from your spirit, through the soul, and then throughout your physical body supplying life and wellness. 

Any frequency patterns that are low and weak, cause ill-health, clog the soul, and compromise wellness


The truth is…

Positive thoughts, emotions, and beliefs based on truth emit high and strong frequency patterns.  Any thought, emotion, image, memory, or belief that is negative resonates internally at a frequency that is low and weak.  Over time, they become balls of negative energy that occupy a space and resonate on the inside and become energetic blocks in your soul.  

It is possible for the soul to have blockages, like a pipe that has corrosion and buildup that restricts the regular water flow, or even worse… if there are too many blockages, the flow may be cut off completely.  


So, what to do?

  1. Mental and Emotional blockages must be removed 
  2. Negativity buildup(internal corrosion) must be cleared
  3. Destructive thought patterns must be transformed - this is Biblical, by the way
  4. Damaging Emotions must be released
  5. Internal frequency patterns must shift from negative (low and weak) to positive (high and strong)



Then God’s love, abundant life, light, truth, and presence,  your true identity, and every truth and reality that exists for you, in Christ, will flow freely throughout your spirit, soul, and body.  It will flow like a mighty river, continually fill you to overflowing, resonate inside you, and radiate out from you.  

When the blockages in the soul are removed, released, and transformed and you are prospering within your soul, prosperity will flow throughout your entire being and every area of your life will prosper.  


 Health and wellness in the soul = a flourishing spirit, a healthy body, and a life well-lived!


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