The Truth About Inner Healing That Most People Do Not Know

What is Inner Healing?

 The term inner healing was adopted by Christians because many churches and ministries realized that their members had complicated problems of which just attending church, reading the Bible, and receiving prayer were only scraping the surface.  Many in the body of Christ realized that healing the issues of the heart was vital for people to live an overcoming life.

 Thus, the concept of inner healing became a well-known topic and many churches began incorporating inner healing ministries into their churches. 


 Is Inner Healing Necessary?


 The short answer is yes and no!


 After All… 1 Peter 2:24 says that …” by His wounds you have been healed.”

 Either this statement in God’s word is true or it is not.  If it is true, and I believe the Bible contains only truth, then the healing work has already happened, it has already been accomplished, and it already exists for us, in the blood of Jesus!  Praise Him - I am getting so excited just writing this.  Beloved sons and daughters of God,  what Jesus accomplished and paid for on our behalf is the most remarkable truth and reality that we could ever comprehend. His work on the cross was so massive and comprehensive that it could take a lifetime to understand it all fully.  


But What I Do Know is This!


The sacrifice Jesus made for us was sufficient and was enough!  There is no greater accomplishment than the finished work of the cross.  The wounds He received and the shedding of His blood released a power great enough to provide healing for us.  This massive healing that was accomplished and paid for was for our whole beings physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.   - 

 The greek word healed, in 2 Peter 2:24 is iáomai, which actually means to be made whole.  This is amazing (good) news!

 What is so amazing is that if we are in Christ, and He substituted His life for ours, then we are technically not broken, wounded, or in bondage.   


The Truth Is:

 We are entirely new creations.  We are a new supernatural race of people. We are whole, healed, and free!  That is the end of the deal!  There are no further negotiations.  It is finished!  We have been healed and made whole!


So No, Inner Healing is Not necessary!


How can something be healed if it has already been healed 2,000 years ago by the brutal death and shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

 Why Go Through Inner Healing?

 I have a great answer I know you will love.

  You see, we are first and foremost experiencers.  This means that we were designed to experience life and all that goes with it.  Even though Jesus accomplished our healing, and paid for our freedom from all captivity and bondage, our minds and bodies need to experience it, not just know it intellectually.  If a majority of our life experiences have been painful or negative, your subconscious mind and your body will operate as if this is your truth and reality.  You will continue to live in pain and bondage mode because that has been your experience.  Your mind and body will be unaware of the truth of your healing and wholeness in Christ because you have had experiences that say otherwise.  Your actions, behaviors, beliefs, mindsets, and expectations will naturally align with your experiences.  Science proves that the subconscious mind reacts and interprets our experiences, whether good or bad,  before our brain even has a chance to process what has happened.  


So yes, an inner healing experience is necessary!


Jesus, in his great kindess and compassion, wants to give you a new experience that will override the painful negative ones.  A healing experience convinces your mind, emotions, and beleif system that you are in God's love  so that your whole body, soul, and spirit can all come into agreement with the truth that you are healed, whole, and free!

How amazingly kind it is that Jesus is willing and able to provide a healing experience with Himself so that we can appropriate, apply, believe, and function according to the  the Kingdom truth and reality that we are whole and well.  



So In A Nutshell, an Inner Healing Experience is Necessary!

 If you want to step into the healing and freedom that Jesus accomplished on the cross and activate this truth and reality for yourself, than allow Jesus, the love of the Father, and the power of the Holy Spirit to give you a greater experience that will cancel out the painful ones from your past and bring you into the truth of who you are in Christ.  When you have such an experience, your subconscious mind, as well as your brain and body will automatically begin to function according to the higher truth and greater reality.


We Form Our Beliefs and Modes of Operation Based on Our Experiences!  


Do you want to live in pain and bondage mode or healed and free mode?


Your answer to the above question is your answer for whether or not inner healing is necessary for you.

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