What Could Be Better Than Happiness?

          What Could Be Better Than Happiness?


There are “power substances” that fully supply us with everything we need for life.  These substances are so valuable and powerful and they transform us into modern-day superheroes.  A superhero laughs in the face of danger, fears nothing,  and is ready to face and confront any situation.  

I believe that we have so much more power than we realize and I believe the enemy does everything possible to keep us from realizing it. 


I am excited to share the 4th and final power substance!

4.  Joy - it is much deeper and richer than happiness.  Joy is a state of being in which you have all of the above …fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment, faith, hope, and a sense of wellbeing regardless of earthly situations and circumstances.  It is possible to live with a perpetual state of joy because joy is eternal, everlasting, stronger and more real than our temporary external circumstances that are constantly changing.  There is no need to strive for joy or exhausting fight to keep it or return to it.  It is substance that is supernatural and is acquired simply by shifting your mindset and choosing to accept all circumstances, the good and the bad, knowing that everything you go through, wither good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, victories and losses, times of ease, and times of challenge, times of happiness and times of sorrow are all part of living on the earth, in a fallen world.   They are temporary experiences that Jesus came to redeem and will end up leading to the testimony of victory and triumph, adding to the meaning of your life, and provide a gain of some sort.


Please do not get me wrong.  I personally do not believe that God causes suffering to teach us lessons.  All death, stealing, and destruction are from the devil.  The Bible is clear about that in John 10:10.  “The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy:  I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”


However,  I do know that God uses all of it, everything that the devil intended and orchestrated to destroy you.  God takes every terrible experience that was designed against you, to bring you down, and take you out, and he somehow reworks it into a miraculous and remarkable gain for you.  No one, anywhere else in the heavens or on the earth could do this.  Only God takes your worst-case scenario and turns it into something good. 

We serve a mighty God and such a loving, good faithful father.  His plans, thoughts, and intentions for you are good and for your wellbeing.  


The Good News!


Because of this reality that exists for us, as God’s children, our state of being can always be WELL -  ha ha!  This is such good news.  We already have wellbeing.  It is the outcome of being supernaturally connected to the heart of God.  Our state of being is not dependant on our earthly circumstances and experiences, nor is it dependant on temporary states of happiness that can come and go at any minute.  Our state of being is dependant on something much more reliable, dependable and solid.   Our state of being is based on the very heart of God and His love and care for us, and the truth that our life is not just about seeking to feel happy.  Our very existence has much higher meaning and purpose. Every time you walk through adversity or overcome a challenge, you accomplish something remarkable.  Strength and courage rise up from within you as you press forward and operate as an overcomer. You become of beacon of light and inspiration to others, you defeat the enemy's schemes, you have a deeper experience of God's goodness and faithfulness, and you become a display of God's glory and splendor.

There is nothing wrong with being happy and I thank God for every happy moment.  But when happiness becomes our primary pursuit,  we will never get to anything lasting and we will be in a perpetual state of want, discontent, and dissatisfaction.

True Substance

Fulfillment, Satisfaction, contentment, faith, hope, joy, etc.. (there are others that I will mention later) -The devil cannot touch these substances because they come from the Kingdom of God.  The devil cannot take these nor can he produce them.  He can only try to keep you from recognizing them and thus convince you to strive for something more shallow and unreliable that will never give you what you need.  


So, do you really just want to be happy?  


If the answer is yes, you will have to struggle to keep this state of being for as long as you live and you will try to avoid pain, displeasure,  and discomfort at all costs.  You may have temporary moments of feeling happy, but you will always be wanting your next “happiness fix,”  and you will live an unfulfilled and discontent life.


Even though your life has so much meaning and purpose, it will go unrecognized as you will never really accomplish a great victory or learn how to live an overcoming life.  You most likely will not have much of an impact on others not will you inspire anyone.  


So, instead of seeking happiness, I want to encourage everyone to allow the power substances of God to fill you and to flow on the inside of your heart and your mind.  Remind yourself that it is ok to feel unhappy, uncomfortable, or unpleasant sometimes.  Remember,  spoiled children who are given whatever they want whenever they want, start to believe they exist to be happy and to stay happy, and they become ungrateful, discontent, disappointed, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled.  


Make a decision to shift your atmosphere on the inside as you unlock these power substances.  You will have times of happiness and sadness, and you will also have joy, hope, faith, contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, thankfulness, rest, peace, and more strength and courage than you ever imagined.


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