Long Life Part 4 - Stress Management


Ugg, after a long weekend out of town, then an all day surf contest on Sunday , followed by a dinner party that went later than expected, I have spent all morning sorting through and getting on top of all the hospital bills that have come in from my daughter’s emergency episode last month.  

This was the last thing I wanted to spend my time doing.  I would have much rather starting writing this blog piece earlier but,  "it is what it is."  I am trying not to get anxious or stressed about all the high bills and to just ride it out, but gosh darn it…hospital bills are no fun! 

What I really want to do…

Is dive into part 4 of my blog series on Long Life.  I love discussing this and believe it is so important to take action to care for ourselves and tend to our wellness so we can live the longest, fullest, most impactful lives possible!  So here we go….

Long Life Factor #4 - reducing stress

It is true that numerous...

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