The Truth About Inner Healing That Most People Do Not Know

What is Inner Healing?

 The term inner healing was adopted by Christians because many churches and ministries realized that their members had complicated problems of which just attending church, reading the Bible, and receiving prayer were only scraping the surface.  Many in the body of Christ realized that healing the issues of the heart was vital for people to live an overcoming life.

 Thus, the concept of inner healing became a well-known topic and many churches began incorporating inner healing ministries into their churches. 


 Is Inner Healing Necessary?


 The short answer is yes and no!


 After All… 1 Peter 2:24 says that …” by His wounds you have been healed.”

 Either this statement in God’s word is true or it is not.  If it is true, and I believe the Bible contains only truth, then the healing work has already happened, it has already been accomplished, and it already exists for...

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